Winter Tires Vs All Season Tires

Winter is fastly approaching. It’s the season for poor driving conditions, heavy snowfall, and black ice. When it comes to your vehicle, you may be wondering if you should invest in winter tires. If you already have all season tires, you might be unsure. We’ll give you some valuable information regarding both types of tires! 

Winter tires 

Winter tires are designed for extreme weather conditions. They have tread rubber compounds allowing the tires to remain flexible, thus providing more traction. In addition, the increased number of biting edges and high sipe densities increases traction on icy roads. The deeper tread depths and unique tread patterns on these tires are also beneficial for winter driving.

All season tires

All season tires are designed for a variety of moderate weather conditions. In fact, all season tires have a good tread life and fuel economy. They are great for people living in moderate climates. 


Staying home in Minnesota to face winter? Purchase winter tires. All season tires may be fine for light winter driving, but not for harsh weather conditions. For your safety we highly recommend buying winter tires. Unfortunately you must install a full set. If you replace just the front tires, the rear tires will skid. If you replace just the rear tires, the wheels in front will lose traction easily. Buy yourself some winter tires and let's all get through this unpredictable season safely! 

For more information, or to purchase winter tires, contact Duluth Dodge today! 

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