Why Use Mopar Replacement Parts?

 Time to change out those clunking ball joints? A few quick calls around to the local parts stores and dealers and you'll find out that prices can be all over the map for the same part. In some cases it may just be different prices for the same product — much like the difference in price for the same shirt at Target vs Walmart. 

When it comes to car parts however, the difference between Mopar and aftermarket parts is more like the difference between a tailored suit, and a worn out hand-me-down. It's not a perfect analogy, but it's a good place to start. 

Cars are really, really complicated machines. They're built with thousands of different parts which must work together perfectly in order for you to go down the road. When it comes time to replace a part, it's important that it fits and functions exactly the same as the original. If it doesn't, you may end up damaging other related parts or systems, or worse yet you could be compromising the safety of the car with substandard parts.

When you buy Mopar, you know that the parts are built exactly to the specifications of the original. Most aftermarket parts are simply reverse-engineered from an already built car and often times are not manufactured to exactly the right specifications and tolerances. This can be a big headache when thousandths of an inch matter. 

Yes, Mopar replacement parts will often be more expensive than the knock-off brands sold at auto shops. Hopefully by now you'll see the reason for this and also why it's worth it to spend a little more to ensure your vehicle has a long, safe life.
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