Top Dollar For Your Trade-In

Time for a new car? If so, you'll most likely want to trade-in your old car. Trading your car in eliminates the need to advertise your vehicle, answer questions about your vehicle, schedule appointments with prospective buyers, and deal with a transaction. It takes a lot of time and frequent headaches to go through the whole process! So, skip the process of selling your car yourself. How can you get the most out of your trade-in? We'll offer you tips to maximize your car's value.

Get the exterior of your car washed as well as the interior. Make sure it's vacuumed, dusted, the and removed of clutter. You may even want to wash the wheels and apply tire shine. A clean car indicates to a dealer it has been well kept. 

Make Repairs 
Fix minor dents and scratches if it's worth the expense. If your whole car may have to be repainted, leave the marks on your vehicle. Address minor issues like a cracked windshield and a window that won't roll down. Plan on replacing the tires only if there is no remaining tread. If so, buy inexpensive tires.

Get Organized 
Gather receipts of work done on your vehicle and locate your service logbook. Get an evaluation of your vehicle's value! 

At Duluth Dodge, we're always looking to help out. We hope these tips are helpful in making sure you get top dollar for your trade-in! Feel free to contact Duluth Dodge with any questions or feedback you may have! 


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